IMPROBABLE DOLLS is a small production unit that specialises in Stop-Motion Animation short films. It is run by French filmmaker  Nataly Lebouleux and is based in Manchester England.

We came to life in 2005 to produce Nataly’s first animated short “Illuminate”. Our latest production “Paper Thin” toured at film festivals worldwide and has was nominated for 5 awards, among them the prestigious IRIS PRIZE.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with local artists and mavericks.

We love Horror, the Surreal and of course, Magical realism.

We choose to give a visual voice to marginalised stories and take pride in bringing beauty and poetry to the most difficult themes.  We hope to disturb, subvert and enchant, and believe that their are truths to be found in imaginary corners…

Welcome to the world of Improbable Dolls!